Wednesday, December 06, 2006

That's Krafty.

It has very little avocado, but that didn't stop Kraft from making guacamole (ahuaca-mulli to the Aztecs) dip using starch and oils and food coloring to simulate the deliciousness of the avocado, officially known around this house as 'nature's mayonnaise'. Now mayonnaise is a whole other story, having been assigned a standard of identity by the FDA (if you click the link, type in mayonnaise, or even peanut butter to find out what manufacturers are required to include to call the food by it's proper name). But not so with guacamole. So was Kraft breaking the rules? Errrr...not technically. It doesn't SAY there's avocado in there. It does say what's really in there. On the back. If you read it.

So there's a lawsuit. And Kraft is reformulating their packaging to make it more obvious.

It does seem deceptive, but it means that the FDA might want to add the Aztecan melange to the list. Worthy of a lawsuit? Nah. Take the crap back and get a refund. And next time, when you're buying something for the first time, read the label!!!

(Has anyone but me noticed that among my something like 13 non-prolific posts, I've ended up yakking about Kraft's adherence to the definition of a food item twice? They make American cheese, for heaven's sake: let that be a clue.)



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