Friday, December 15, 2006

Space food for urbanites

Wanna eat like the astronauts do? Got my hands on some Easy 4 Busy fruit purees, initially because of the odd packaging. It really was developed for NASA according to the web site. And it feels like it too: Gushy aseptic-type packaging with a weird screw top reminiscent of an IV bag.

I've only tasted the Blueberry/Raspberry/Banana one so far*, and it's like a smoothie that needs a bit of ice (and this was straight out of the fridge). It's very thick, a tastes a bit like cooked fruit, but sweet. If you're looking to get 3 servings of fruit this would be a very convenient way to get it. I would have been happier with 2 servings in a package, since it's supposed to be easy and if I'm busy I'm not going to refrigerate the rest. It's a lot to inhale.

These are supposed to be available in New York, but for the rest of us...
The web site offers free shipping, and for December only you can buy one case ($29.99 for 10) and get another case free. Given the price of fruit, that's quite a good deal.

So if you're fruit deprived/extremely busy, here ya go. The fruit is pasteurized, which is a good idea I think. Keep those suckers on ice in the car though, and leave warm fruit puree to the real spacemen.

*Tasted the pear/caramel which was oddly good (the caramel flavor really works), and the kiwi/passionfruit was good -- tropical. They both have a bit too much of the applesauce/banana thing happening but still, for fruit on the go they're all right.


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