Thursday, December 21, 2006

Celiac? Wheat allergies? This Bud's for you.

Anheuser-Busch, makers of Budweiser, have come out with a beer for people with Celiac Sprue and wheat sensitivity. It's made with sorghum, a gluten-free alternative to wheat. And there's no barley in the hops either (grains like barley and oats also contain gluten). You can pick some up at places like Whole Foods.

Now even people with gluten issues can get a buzz on.

If you're looking for some bakery without gluten, I'll drop these on you just in case you need a snack with your beer:

Black Sheep Bakery
Flying Apron Bakery
Sun Flour Baking (also sold on Amazon)

If you're a baking do-it-yourself-er, try millet flour in place of the wheat, but you will also need a bit of xanthan gum, guar, or arrowroot. Check out for more info there...


Blogger Steven Rosenberg said...

So corn liquor is OK for celiac sufferers?

4:43 PM  
Blogger Ilene said...

Yes, I'm pretty sure corn is on the safe side. You stumped the host, though. I wasn't sure since there are so many things those with celiac sprue cannot have.'s yet another link about it, from the gov'ment:

Meanwhile, get the still agoin', Vern!

8:23 PM  

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